Potstickers, called “guo tie” in China, are Chinese dumplings with ground meat, finely chopped vegetables, pan-fried and served with a spicy dipping sauce. Served as an appetizer, as part of a meal, or as a snack for really any occasion, Chinese potstickers are well-loved by so many people in the world.
Potstickers are wonderfully tasty. I used pork for the dumplings because pork creates a more tender filling than any other kind of ground meat. With chopped cabbage and other delicious ingredients added in, the pork mixture turned out fantastic and tasted just like the ones you would get from Chinese restaurants. For the best flavor I would recommend adding salt in pork mixture, coating veggies with oil when making the filling and pouring water over the dumplings when frying. Once cooked, these dumplings turn very crispy. They are really easy to make and simply mouthwatering.… View Post

Sweet and sour pork ribs is one of the tastiest and most popular dishes in China. The taste is rich, sweet, sour, and just a little salty! It has been my favorite since long time. I especially love the tender, flavorful pork ribs with the incredibly thick, sweet and tangy sauce. Absolutely, totally delicious!
Go ahead and try Chinese sweet and sour pork ribs today. Here’s a recipe to the mouthwatering delicacy that can be made in no time! Delicious dish is now not far enough!… View Post

This is a very well-known Chinese dish. It is very bright and colorful, sweet and just a little sour in taste, crisp on the outside of the fried pork pieces and extremely tender inside. Pineapple, red and green bell peppers are used in this dish as additional ingredients which complement the pork and ensure it’s not too oily. It’s called “Gu Lao Rou” in mandarin or “goo lou yok” in Cantonese dialect. Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple is not only a beloved dish in China, but quite popular in Chinese restaurants in the United States. … View Post

Here’s a new delicious Chinese dish for you: Dongpo Pork (or Braised Pork Belly). It is a notable signature dish in Hangzhou cuisine. Probably all Chinese people love this classic dish. It’s made from a slab of pork belly. After being simmered, braised, sauted and steamed, the meat should be so tender and so flavorful. There is a lot of fat, but after the lengthy cooking time, the fat should be much less greasy. The meat is so delicious that it’ll melt in your mouth.… View Post