Chinese people love fried rice. In china, there is a great variety of fried rice, which vary according to their region of production, ingredients, flavor, etc. Yangzhou Fried Rice is perhaps the most well-known one. I’m so obsessed with it. It’s very fresh and delicious. The rice in it is soft and savory. The color and taste make it really moreish!
The basic ingredients are really simple to prepare. So make sure you don’t miss this one! Make yourself and your families a delicious Yangzhou Fried Rice for dinner tonight! :)… View Post

It might be safe to say this is one of the most popular Chinese cold appetizers out there. It’s so good and incredibly simple to make. There’s no cooking or steaming involved. All you need are a package of silken tofu, a chopped up century egg, and some simple seasonings, such as soy sauce, vinegar, oyster flavored sauce and sesame oil. The silken tofu has a very soft texture, and the flavor of this side dish is so good and special that you will definitely fall in love with.… View Post