Xinjiang Uyghur Lamb Pilaf is a mixture of carrots, rice and lamb meat. The flavor of the dish is intensely aromatic with cumin and onion, which are one of my personal favorite flavor combinations. The lamb meat is cut into small pieces for more flavor. Paired with rice, it makes one heavenly dish! I’m not a huge fan of lamb but this dish is incredibly delicious! It is really impossible not to fall in love at first bite. … View Post

I tried this recipe last night, and it was awesome! We love chicken wings, and this is a very tasty way to make wings. I also love cumin, an important spice in this dish. I love its exotic and distinctive aroma. I grew up eating lots of delicious dishes made by my mother and many recipes call for the use of cumin. Cumin beautifully complements many kinds of spices, bringing additional and distinctive aroma and flavor to a dish. The pungency of cumin is perfect for any meat like lamb, beef, or chicken. Cumin lamb is a famous hearty dish that keeps you warm, perfect for the winter season. While in the summer time, baked chicken wings with cumin is a great recipe, and the delicious wings will add so much more flavors to your summer!… View Post