Chinese sweet taro soup with black sesame is very unique and unexpectedly delicious. This dessert is for those who love creamy, silky texture, and sweet, nutty taste. The addition of black sesame powder makes it rich in both flavor and nutrients.
Follow this recipe for sweet taro soup with black sesame to get this lovely dessert on the table in no time! It’s simple and fun to make. Perfect for a holiday afternoon tea. Your family will favor it over other desserts!!… View Post

Today’s recipe is inspired by Hui Lau Shan, one of my favorite dessert bars in China. Called “Xu Liu Shan” in Chinese, it’s the most popular and famous chain of dessert restaurants based in Hong Kong. When I was a high school student in Shenzhen, my favorite activity was to spend a few afternoon hours in Hui Lau Shan and enjoy an afternoon tea there. The desserts are all asian style and many of them made with mango. After I moved to New York, I found it’s really not that easy to find a great dessert bar that specializes in Chinese desserts and snacks.… View Post

If you love rice cakes like me, you will agree that rice cakes are definitely one of the most versatile foods out there! There are tons of delicious rice cake recipes. Today, let’s try one that’s made with purple sweet potato. This is one of my favorites. It’s rich, fragrant, and just sticky enough. I love topping my rice cakes with coconut powder. They’re slightly sweet, perfect for your breakfast. Try this recipe with me and start your day with a little bit of fiber and a little bit of protein. … View Post