Today’s recipe is a yummy, sweet, and low-cal healthy Chinese dessert, called Chinese Yam with Blueberry Jam. It is a traditional favorite in many Chinese restaurants.
Get a yummy dessert on the table in 10 minutes or less! You only need two ingredients to make it, and without a doubt it will look gorgeous! … View Post

Glutinous rice cake is very yummy, sweet and sticky, with lots of soybean flavor that folks seem to love. It’s pretty famous in China because of its great flavor and its funny name. Honestly, it is my favorite Beijing snack.
This glutinous rice cake (rolling donkey) is a quick and fun snack that you and your families will enjoy making and eating! :)… View Post

Poached beef in hot chili sauce is one of my favorite hearty, warming winter dishes. The dishes of Szechuan cuisine are famous for their hot and spicy flavor, and this one is probably the most popular Szechuan dish in China. It is bright in color, with a very rich, deep flavor. The beef in it tastes tender and smooth, while the vegetables (I used bean sprouts) palatable and fresh.
It’s so delicious it’s worth the time it takes to make it. Simply follow this delicious recipe, and your taste buds will be heated up in no time! Enjoy!… View Post

I had a lovely rose jelly dessert made from fragrant rosebuds and petals in China last summer. Chinese rose jelly is about the most beautiful and elegant thing I’ve ever seen for a lovely afternoon tea party. Perhaps only rose can deliver such beautiful scent and delicate flavor. I missed the flavor so much that I decided to make rose jelly by myself. I used rosebuds and petals I bought. Turned out this perfect, very rosy and pleasant afternoon tea dessert.
The rose scent is just right – not too weak, not overpowering. It smells and tastes like a fresh bouquet of roses. I hope you’ll enjoy!… View Post

Last week I’ve got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award from Concierge Librarian. I’m really honored and excited. Thanks so much for the nomination! Please do take a few minutes and check out her blog.… View Post