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Sweet and sour pork ribs is one of the tastiest and most popular dishes in China. The taste is rich, sweet, sour, and just a little salty! It has been my favorite since long time. I especially love the tender, flavorful pork ribs with the incredibly thick, sweet and tangy sauce. Absolutely, totally delicious!
Go ahead and try Chinese sweet and sour pork ribs today. Here’s a recipe to the mouthwatering delicacy that can be made in no time! Delicious dish is now not far enough!… View Post

Pork Rolls with Garlic Sauce (suan ni bai rou) is a popular cold dish in Sichuan cuisine. It’s very delicious and flavorful, and also very pretty when dressed up with the sliced green cucumber and red chili garlicky oil. And it doesn’t take much skill and effort to make. It’s a fun and easy recipe.
Sichuan Pork Rolls with Garlic Sauce has been my family’s favorite cold Sichuan dish for years! We all love the pork belly! Absolutely yummy! … View Post

I never thought red dates could be so delicious when stuffed with glutinous rice balls, until yesterday. Sweet, sticky and delicious describe this lovely Chinese dessert. It is also unexpectedly good for your health since the dates are considered the healthiest fruit on earth.
For glutinous rice lovers, stuffed red dates with glutinous rice balls is a must-try. Serve this one up and your guests will rave — and no one has to know just how easy it was!… View Post